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Room to Breathe


A couple of weeks ago, we moved youngest son Ollie in with his big brother, so the boys now sleep in bunk beds in the end room. The ‘nursery’ was standing empty (full of clutter!!) …… so with the help of my fabulous friend and neighbour Michelle, I’ve transformed it into a craft room! She (also mother of two small children!)  has been over two days running to help ‘de-clutter’ (after I’d told her about the presentation we had at regional training on Saturday.) I get overwhelmed just looking at a space full of junk – she just sees potential, and gets stuck in. With great results……


And the wardrobe (which, thankfully, was already set up with shelving)…….


So I’ve been sitting in my craft room, purring. Husband is slightly bemused, as originally this room was going to be his study – but as he admits now, possession is 9/10ths of the law!! (sorry, darling!! 🙂 )

Let’s see how long it stays in this pristine state!!

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  1. Carol Burton permalink
    10/09/2009 11:45

    good on you and Michelle, what a lovely neighbour and friend to have. Your room looks fantastic with loads of natural light. Wonder if it will still look clean and tidy by the end of the week……. wink wink 🙂

    • bronheslop permalink*
      10/09/2009 12:26

      Yes…. I’ll have to report back on that one!! 🙂

  2. 10/09/2009 15:44

    It looks fantastic Bron! So nice to have your own room that’s clear of unrelated stuff =) I’m glad that some of that stuff will be making it’s way to my house soon!! Enjoy your new space and I hope it brings many creative moments for you.

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