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ANZAC Day Parades


ANZAC Day is a big day in New Zealand and Australia, especially for those with military connections. Today we remember those who have fought and fallen so that we might live in freedom – as one guest speaker said “Freedom is NOT free”.

This picture was before I left for the naval base this morning, for our service there. Afterwards I came home and picked up the family, and we went to Northcote, where I parade with Basil, my next-door neighbor. Here we are before the parade set off. (He’s not bad for nearly 88, eh?)

My prayer today is that we will not know war like has gone before us again – not my children, or my grandchildren or great-grandchildren. There is no glory in war – just heartache and sacrifice.

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  1. 25/04/2010 14:05

    Thank you Bron. I love what you have written and I hope for peace for my descendants too. Too many of my family have gone to war, and while we didn’t lose anyone, some came back utterly changed and with horrific injuries. Without their sacrifice, we wouldnt be living the peaceful lives we do today.

    PS: Don’t you scrub up nice!!

  2. 25/04/2010 14:17

    You do scrub up nice Bron!
    Hope none of my family go to war either.
    lest we forget all those who died fighting for their country, family and friends. RIP

  3. Steph permalink
    25/04/2010 15:32

    You do look very smart in your uniform. I saw the parade this morning but missed you (and Basil).

  4. 25/04/2010 19:13

    My boys paraded today in their cub and kea scout uniforms. I hope the only uniforms they ever have to put on are for education and/or fun not war.

    You are so right, freedom is never free.

  5. 28/04/2010 00:02

    You do scrub up nicely Bron! We’ll have to get together and swap stories one day soon. It’s wonderful that every year more NZers are becoming more involved in ANZAC Day and remembering those who’ve made so many sacrifices for us. Unfortunately, this year was the first year (since forever) that I didn’t make it to a parade. It didn’t feel right and it won’t be happening again.

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