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Beautiful Bloggers


I’ve just got home from work (navy) this afternoon, to find a wonderful comment from a fellow demonstrator in Australia, Leah Weir. She has given me a Beautiful Blogger award!

Thank you, Leah, you’ve made my day! I ripped off my boots and sat down to read all about it (much to Nige’s amusement – I’d left my cap and bags in the doorway), and now I can’t stop smiling! 

I will wear this blog badge with pride – thank you. 

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  1. 01/05/2010 17:23

    Man, that girl has taste!! I LOVE your blog too!

  2. 01/05/2010 17:56


  3. 01/05/2010 22:35

    Your very welcome. Looking forward to meeting you at Convention too.
    I’m glad to have made you simile.

  4. 02/05/2010 18:57

    I have a wee badge I would like to add to your growing collection Bron. The Sunshine Award for brightening my day. I was awarded it today, see my blog, and I would like to give it to you too. Mwah!

  5. sharna permalink
    02/05/2010 19:06

    hi Bron,
    she knows a great creator when she see’s one.
    It was great to meet you the other night, it put a big smile on face as i regularly read your blog, and i found it wonderful to put a real face to the name and profile picture.
    P.S how are your swaps coming along, we left Jacque’s around 11pm,

  6. 03/05/2010 09:37

    Congratulations yep she has good taste

  7. 12/05/2010 12:13

    hi there… just stopping by to say HI!! love your cards – keep them coming!! R 😉

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