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Colour Renovation


Some of you, expecially those that visit the blogs of our sister American demonstrators, will know that when our current 2009/2010 Idea Book and Catalogue finishes on 31 August, we not only get a new Idea Book and Catalogue, but we also get a completely new Colour Collection. Some of the current colours will be going, and most of our current in-colours will become ‘core’ colours. The colour families as we know them will be changing – check this out for the new collections. And here are the colours that we will say goodbye to.

I’m really excited about the change. It comes as a result of two years of market research, and brings Stampin’ Up! to another level. Here’s what they have to say about the new In-Colour programme:

New In Color Programme
One part of our Colour Renovation that we’re sure you’re going to love is the new In Color programme! Each year we will introduce five new In Colors, and they will remain for two years. This means that the 2010-2011 In Colors will be introduced this year, but will not be retired until the 2012-2013 colours are introduced. This year there will be only be five In Colors, but after that, we will always have ten (the previous year’s plus the new). Look for a later announcement on this year’s In Colors.

For the meantime, nothing changes. You can continue to order all the current products in the colours you know and love. I just wanted to give you a ‘heads-up’, if you like, that there are changes coming. If you do see one of your favourite colours on the ‘Fond Farewell’ list, you can still order it until 31 August 2010.

Right – I’m off to a workshop! 🙂

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  1. 11/05/2010 19:56

    love this contacting you privately I want to know all the details!

  2. narelle hoggard permalink
    11/05/2010 20:13

    hi bron,

    love the card, it looks so simple yet beautiful.

  3. 12/05/2010 06:14

    what a lovely card Bron – and yes cyclone Bron seems appropiate! lol

  4. 12/05/2010 07:02

    Gorgeous card Bron! Might put this in my need to CASE file!!

  5. Steph permalink
    12/05/2010 07:49

    This card is lovely – got to see it in person last night. RIP Kiwi Kiss.

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