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Crafting Withdrawal!


HELP! I’m suffering crafting withdrawal! Nige asked me to hold out my hands last night, to see if I was shaking.  🙂

I came home from Sydney on Sunday night, to one sick child. Now they’re both ill, bless them, one with asthma (resulting from a chest infection) and the other with some upper respiratory tract infection, triggering croup! We’ve been to the doctor two days running – antibiotics for both, nebulisers and steroids for one and blood tests and throat swabs for the other. Here’s James managing a smile during this morning’s nebuliser:

Ollie is barking like a seal pup – so heartbreaking to see my normally healthy boy obviously feel so rotten. We didn’t get much sleep last night, but tonight, regardless, I’m going to get something stamped. I need to stamp!

So hopefully when you come back tomorrow, there’ll be a picture of some handmade creation I worked on tonight. Otherwise, I might just have to show you some of the beautiful convention swaps I came home with.

Happy stamping!

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  1. 26/05/2010 16:18

    Oh! Hope your kids are better soon…and that you get that much needed stamping “fix” !!Lol!

  2. Steph permalink
    26/05/2010 19:53

    I love the fact James is sitting there in a Spiderman outfit. Wishing the boys a quick recovery and that you get some stampin’ time tonight.

  3. 26/05/2010 20:01

    hope your boys are on the mend! My son had croup till he was 11!! so I so know what you are going thru!! do you have a vapouriser in his room? we found that was such good help. lots of hugs for you all.

  4. 26/05/2010 20:55

    Oh dear Bron!! Poor boys and hope they are on the mend soon. Im an asthmatic so know how scary it all is for them. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  5. 27/05/2010 05:55

    For all that James is unwell, he looks pretty happy about it, lol! Love the Spiderman suit too!

    Hope both boys are feeling much better today and you manage to get some “ME” time.

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