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Still no crafting here, I’m afraid – we took Spider Man (aka James) to Starship Children’s Hospital this afternoon, with a lung infection. Hopefully we’re not looking at pneumonia – they’re just doing all their investigations now. I’ve come home with croup boy (aka Ollie), to get him fed, bathed and into bed – and then I might pop back across to see how the big boy is, and see how Daddy’s going (his first journey into the world of Starship).

Please, if you’re a praying person, say one for James. He needs all the prayers he can get right now.

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  1. 27/05/2010 20:13

    I’ll definitely pray for James….and for you too! Love and hugs ….. Robyn

  2. 27/05/2010 22:58

    We are definitely praying for James and the rest of the family.
    Lots of Love

  3. 27/05/2010 23:12

    Lots of Love and thoughts for you all and a special prayer for James and a BIG HUG from me to you!
    Love Dixx

  4. 28/05/2010 06:11

    Oh, Bron, so sorry to hear James is in hospital now. He is in the right place though, Starship are just wonderful. Lots of hugs and kiss to you and yours,


  5. Steph permalink
    28/05/2010 15:13

    I hope James is OK and that it’s not pneumonia. Not a good start to winter!

  6. 28/05/2010 16:27

    Hey Bron, Love and prayers to you and your boys. Be praying for you.

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