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A Warm Heart……


……is what I get hanging out, both in person and on line, with the many wonderful people in the stamping world. Since I joined the Stampin’ Up! family 10 months ago, I have made so many friends – stampers are such nice people!

And it was lovely to be given the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by two very talented, very caring ladies – one here in New Zealand, a fellow ‘Creative Inker’, Julia Leece, and the other in Melbourne, Australia, Robyn. Thank you ladies – you made my day.

So now I want to ‘pay it forward’, and share with you five blogs that I visit and find inspiration from (besides the two that nominated me!)

In no particular order, here they are:

Jacque Pedersen

Paula Dobson

Diane Taylor

Helen Williams

Delys Cram

And five things about me……

1. My first car was a white Mazda 323 I called ‘Nelson’ (after Lord Horatio Nelson!)

2. I want to try Zumba!

3. One day I’d like to holiday in Canada

4. My ancestors had a castle in Scotland (which I have visited – it’s still there!)

5. I love cuddles with my boys.

(It’s actually harder than you think, trying to find 5 things to reveal to others!)

I’m hoping to craft tonight, as there has been very little achieved this week with both boys home with colds. At least their temperatures are down again now – perhaps they can go to school/preschool again tomorrow!

See you tomorrow – remember to let me know if you’d like anything from the Deal of the Week specials.

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  1. 24/06/2010 17:50

    Haha love the name of your first car my maiden name was Nelson and my dads name was Henry Horatio Nelson my brothers middle name is Horatio.

    • bronheslop permalink*
      24/06/2010 17:55

      Wow! Are you from a navy family? 🙂

  2. 24/06/2010 18:41

    Thank you so much for this lovely award Bron. I intend picking it up and putting it on my blog in the weekend, my friend. Glad to hear your boys are on the mend now. Love to all,


  3. 24/06/2010 20:56

    Hi Bron, Thanks for this award. I agree with you that Stampers are very nice people.
    I’m glad to her your boys are on the mend.
    Thanks again.

  4. 24/06/2010 21:50

    Hi Bron! Thanks for sharing that interesting info about “you”. We plan to go to Canada one day- My DH wants to go to “Skagway” and ride on the train to the old Yukon gold fields . I ‘d like to try Zumba too ! Looks like fun ! Hope you have a great week!

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