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Angel Sister


I know you probably get tired of hearing me say how wonderful the women in the stamping community are…. well, if so, don’t read any further.

But if, like me, you love stories of fabulous people, read on.

On Saturday morning, I was expecting the latest edition of Impressions, Stampin’ Up!’s monthly magazine for demonstrators. It didn’t come….. but what arrived in it’s place was fabulous! I belong to a group called ESAD – Extra Special Australasian Demonstrators, and they host a Secret Sister Swap every 3 months or so. I was part of this – and look what I got!

A box of goodness, all the way from Perth, Western Australia! But when I read the declaration label, and saw “C. Randall”, I couldn’t believe it! My husband was highly amused to see me doing the happy dance in the kitchen, holding a box and singing “It’s from Chantell Randall, the Chantell Randall”. (She’s on the Design Team for Just Add Ink – check out her blog here).

Anyway….. here’s the box unpacked (in the morning sun):

Isn’t that such a cool package? A Post-It note holder, a pillow box filled with beautiful SU! brads, a card with three tea-bags that ‘tumble down’ when you open it, and a beautiful BIG block of dark Australian chocolate, all presented in the same Kiwi Kiss collection. Gorgeous! Thank you Chantell, you made my day week!

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  1. 02/08/2010 19:12

    How wonderful Bron. They all look so fabulous and couldn’t have been sent to a nicer person. Enjoy!

  2. 02/08/2010 19:44

    SO COOL!!!! so pleased you got the wonderfulness you deserve!! 🙂

  3. 02/08/2010 22:08

    Lol about your kitchen “Happy dance”!! I was the same about meeting Chupa!

  4. 02/08/2010 22:54

    How nice Bron, you so deserve such lovely treats.

  5. 03/08/2010 07:41

    lovely package there Bron! Chantell has done a lovely job on these!

  6. Steph permalink
    09/08/2010 13:41

    Lucky (wistful sigh)!!

  7. chantell16 permalink
    10/08/2010 21:58

    Hey Bron – your welcome – I’m so pleased it made your week. And you made my week too because you phoned me to Thank me – and that was very special. Chantell

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