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Love Letter


It’s late (2300) – James and I are not long home from A & E, where he had a nebuliser for his asthma. Of course, he’s now buzzing and not ready for bed…… so I thought I’d share something we did today.

Earlier tonight, when we were putting the boys to bed, James asked me if I would write him a love letter. I said sure, I would do that, so started making it after their light went out.

First, I cut a scallop envelope from the retired Sweet Slumber specialty paper using my Big Shot, and decorated it with an owl. I cut a piece of Pink Pirouette card (to fit inside the scallop envelope), and used the same colour owl on that too. 

By then, Asthma Boy was coughing incessantly, so we got him up to give him his inhaler… and he saw what I was doing. He dictated the ‘story’ side of the card, and ’embellished’ the gorgeous envelope with pictures of hearts (in red felt pen). But, you know, it is his love letter, so I just let him go. (Something I’ve learnt since having kids – some things you just have to let go.)

He has since shared this with the doctors and nurses at  A&E, and thinks it’s pretty special. Mission accomplished.

Now it’s time for him (and us!) to go to bed – so I wish you a great week, and happy stamping. And make sure you tell someone you love them – it’ll make their day!

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  1. 04/10/2010 06:21

    This nearly made me cry! What a wonderful request Bron. When James hits the little bumps in the highway of life in his teens, this is something both you and Nigel can pull out to remind yourselves of the Angel he was a a child and will be again as a man. How wonderful to have this to look back on in future years!

  2. 04/10/2010 08:35

    Thats gorgeous Bron! Hope he is all okay today. Im an asthmatic and I know how scary it is.

  3. 04/10/2010 10:13

    I imagine that brought tears to your eyes. I know it made me feel all gooey inside! Children are so up front with their feelings – it’s a shame we all lose that as we get older. Love to him and hope he is feeling better soon.

  4. 04/10/2010 10:40

    This is so cute.
    Hope James is feeling a lot better today.

  5. 04/10/2010 13:29

    Oh Bron…what a beautiful story, and what a lovely boy you have there!

    The love note is so sweet…your bits, and his!

    Best wishes,

  6. 04/10/2010 16:36

    pass the tissues!!!! so sweet. Sorry to hear he’s not been the best! Kelly would be able to give him a cuddle now as she is finally castless- still got a bandage for another week but all going well. Hugs xox

  7. Steph permalink
    05/10/2010 08:41

    Having an asthmatic child must be so scary. Hope you managed to get to sleep, or more to the point that James did. What a lovely card.

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