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The Humble Stampin’ Up! Delivery Box


If you’re a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, or a regular customer, you will be familiar with the brown cardboard boxes that we receive our toys tools in. Most of the time, these just make their way out to the garage, to go out with the recycling.

Not this weekend, however! James has found two uses for one of these boxes in two days – the first is a robot ‘mask’ which he drew himself (I assisted cutting out the eyes, because I don’t want to let him loose with the craft knife just yet).

Here’s RoboJames (complete with robot pyjamas):

And here is this morning’s creation – a Little Animal Hotel. The cheetah to the right of the box is Charlie, his  best mate. The other soft toy animals will get to live there too.

So there has been a little creating here this morning, albeit for soft toys. A bit of cricket, too, as Ollie has become obsessed with spanking his parents’ bowling around the front yard. It’s Labour Day here in New Zealand, so a day off for most – I’m going to go and play with the kids now. Have a great day!

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  1. 25/10/2010 11:41

    How gorious Bron.
    Your boys are so creative must take after the Mum.
    Enjoy your day with family.

  2. 25/10/2010 13:16

    Good to see you guys are having a fun and exciting day. Awesome robot James.

  3. 25/10/2010 21:33

    I love the robot box.
    My boxes are usually turned into trains. 🙂

  4. 25/10/2010 22:27

    I love how creative those creations are! My little one uses the boxes simply for putting things in and then emptying them out. I guess since she’s only 1 she has some growing to do before she’ll be as creative as your kids.

  5. 26/10/2010 20:52

    I have some spare boxes they can have ANYTIME!!! my short people arn’t really shorter than me anymore so their need for brown boxes is NIL! Love to see the kids getting creative!!

  6. mary permalink
    27/10/2010 15:01

    I can well remember 2 little girls creating with cardboad boxes (and selotape, lots of it, and textas) about 30 years ago in the back room of the Rainbow Point Store! James does take after his Mum but I don’t remember robots!!! Well done James

  7. Steph permalink
    29/10/2010 08:11

    I love how rigid he’s standing in the robot shot. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

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