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Blissful Morning


Sometimes it’s so good to just take a deep breath, and slow down. I’ve been doing a bit of navy work lately, and that coupled with classes, workshops and little boys – there hasn’t been much time left over!

So this morning was such a treat, when Kath and Kate (and her little assistant!) came over for coffee and stamping.

Here are the girls, busy making Christmas cards and projects:

And here’s Kate’s little assistant, being his usual delicious self:

And here was the product of my morning:

You’ve already seen these cards, but they’re so simple yet effective, and they’ll be fabulous to give James’s teacher, the dentist, the doctor and my wonderful podiatrist. (I can’t give them to Ollie’s teachers, as they made these themselves at the class I taught last week!)

If you like that stripey paper, or the ribbon, get in quick before the end of the month for the ‘Dress Up Christmas’ promotion. Come December 01, it’s all gone.

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  1. 26/11/2010 15:58

    So much fun, and aren’t we gorgeous Kath! So is that little boy…wonder who he belongs to?? Thanks for a great morning B.

  2. 26/11/2010 15:59

    I love these cards, think I’m going to have to case them.

  3. 26/11/2010 17:38

    These are really lovely … and it looks like you all had a profitable time together. There is nothing nicer than stamping with friends! Hugs xxaxx

  4. 26/11/2010 18:57

    I agree with Andrea-and it’s gotta be better than being at work, lol

    Love the cards Bron – another great workshop idea! You rock girlfriend!

  5. 26/11/2010 20:37

    Well deserved stamping time with friends.
    Beautiful cards.

  6. Steph permalink
    28/11/2010 09:12

    If there’s one thing better than seeing that card on your blog it’s seeing heaps of them in a row. They look fantastic Bron – what a productive morning.

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