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Birthday Boy! (And another visit from the Tooth Fairy!)


As promised yesterday, here’s the (late) birthday card that I made for my gorgeous nephew’s 9th birthday:

And last night, after I’d left to go and teach a stamp class, James lost his second tooth, in about as many weeks! Here’s his new smile:

Cute, huh? The Tooth Fairy came in the night, and obviously had found some change, as there was a shiny $2 coin on the shelf by James’s bed this morning. He was delighted – until his request to stay home to celebrate was denied. Gotta love it!

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  1. Alison Hydes permalink
    26/08/2011 15:11

    Lovely card for a boy. Tooth fairy been busy at your place.

  2. 26/08/2011 15:18

    A gorgeous card for a gorgeous nephew. Have to love that toothless grin!!!

  3. 26/08/2011 18:02

    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about the tooth fairy anymore don’t think I could afford it. LOL
    Was still a silver coin for my kids. Hope you have a great day tomorrow at the big day out, sorry I couldn’t make it.

  4. Steph permalink
    26/08/2011 21:31

    Great card – using some new products on there (the pennant die)? Very cute James – love that gappy 7 year old grin.

  5. Mary permalink
    28/08/2011 15:37

    At least this tooth didn’t break the bank! I can see a new tooth peeping James. Hope Mum enjoyed her big day yesterday and enjoyed taking her South Island friend along too. Soon her friends won’t have to sleep on the floor!

  6. 04/09/2011 11:41

    Great boy card Bron! I like how you have done the little flag with the number.

    Also, great to see the photo of your son. My 5 year old son front teeth looks the same at the moment. He did ask me the other day if the tooth fairy pays out more for if the teeth are bigger next time.

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