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Happy Birthday!


Monday was Labour Day here in New Zealand, a public holiday. It was also Nige’s birthday, and the boys and I made cards for him over the weekend.

Here’s mine, a CASE of Claire Daly’s, done in Early Espresso, Cherry Cobbler and First Edition Specialty Paper.

Here’s the inside:

And here’s Ollie with his Dad’s cake. I couldn’t find the ‘4’ candle, so played a trick on Nige and substituted the ‘5’ candle instead. The boys thought it was very funny that Mum aged Dad by 10 years…

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  1. Alison Hydes permalink
    26/10/2011 18:16

    Hi Bron looks like you’ve been surfing the same blog as me. Nice Card for your husband. Like the colours.

  2. 26/10/2011 18:40

    Beautiful Card Bron.
    Happy Birthaday Nigel, hope you had a nice day.
    Hope he didn’t mind you adding 10 years.

  3. Steph permalink
    28/10/2011 09:23

    Ohh, great card Bron. Love the vertical stripe embossing too. Hope Nigel enjoyed the cake despite the cheeky numbers (trouble is you start to feel physically older at 43 – mentally you can’t believe you’re that old).

  4. 02/11/2011 10:27

    Wonderful card! Love the pocket inside! Perfect for gift cards!! LOL at the birthday cake! I’m sure your boys loved being in on the joke!! Hopefully Nigel enjoyed it as well!

  5. 09/11/2011 11:43

    Aren’t these great! I stole Claire’s design too … and made one of these! Great fun! Hugs xx

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