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Happy Birthday, Dad!


Today is my Dad’s birthday, and we rang this morning to sing him ‘Happy Birthday’ (the kids love that!). I sent him his card and parcel a little earlier in the week;  fortunately my pre-order from the up-coming mini catalogue had come in time, so I could play for his birthday.

The inspiration for this came from someone else (and I’m afraid I forgot to write down their name!) – but please know that I loved it, and so did my Dad!

I have a series of family birthdays to get sorted now, and more work commitments over the next few weeks. And with impeccable timing, James (aka ‘Calamine Kid’) has come down with chicken pox, so I’m housebound for a while. Hopefully Ollie gets them promptly too, so he recovers before his 5th birthday and first day of school (in 10 days). Somehow, though, I think that’s wishful thinking…

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  1. 17/11/2011 18:05

    Hope you have had a lovely birthday Bron’s Dad. I’m sure you loved the beautiful card she made for you. You have a very talented daughter.

  2. Steph permalink
    21/11/2011 18:31

    Bron, what a gorgeous card but totally masculine. I’m not surprised your dad loved it. Glad to hear James is handling the chicken pox so well.

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