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Happy Birthday Ollie!


Today is our youngest son’s 5th birthday. We celebrated it yesterday, as today was to be his first day at school. Here is a snapshot of his day yesterday:

Opening presents, having cake, smacking a pinata with friends, then enjoying a quiet story with his Daddy and brother after everyone had gone home.

And today, his real birthday, when he was supposed to be starting school? Remember how his big brother had chicken pox last week? Well, here is Ollie today:

Thank goodness for snuggly warm quilts to wrap up in! Poor Ollie got his first spots this morning, right on schedule. So he’ll be starting school next Monday, instead of today. And Mum gets another week confined to barracks. Thanks goodness for my craft room….

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  1. Steph permalink
    29/11/2011 13:27

    Poor Ollie. At least he did get to celebrate before the spots appeared. Get better soon.

  2. 04/12/2011 02:07

    Oh, poor guy! What a birthday!! At least he had the fun of the party before breaking out and you’ll get a few more days to be crafty!

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