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Cute in the Kitchen


OK, it’s not stamping, but it is craft. I’ve made this oven cloth using some cotton yarn handknitted in moss stitch (yes, Mum – I knitted it), backed by a cute fabric square, sandwiching a piece of batting in the middle.

I handstitched the backing on with blanket stitch (though I did consider cracking the sewing machine out first), and secured the ring in the corner so it can be hung up. I got the idea from Wild and Woolly Yarns, a fabulous wool shop in Devonport, Auckland (just up the road from the Naval Base – how convenient!).  I’m enjoying a spot of knitting and crochet at the moment, but will share some more stamping with you after Stamp Club tomorrow night. Keep warm, and happy stamping!

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  1. Mary permalink
    11/07/2012 20:51

    Did you knit the knitted part? and who taught you blanket stitch. Maybe there’s some hope for a home for my fabric stash eventually, after all! I am impressed. Well done

    • bronheslop permalink*
      11/07/2012 22:01

      Thanks Mary. Yes, I knitted it, and I learnt blanket stitch when I was 12, in Form 2 Home Economics. Don’t sound so surprised! There’s plenty more to come. xoxoxo

  2. 11/07/2012 22:38

    HiBron! I have a lovely stash of fabrics in my cupboard … Pity I don’t have any time! Hugs xxx

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