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Happy New Year! (And some news!)


Happy New Year! From my family to yours, may 2012 be an awesome year in every way.

For the Heslop family, it brings some exciting changes. With both boys now at school,  Nigel has resigned from his job, and finishes next week. I’m going back to the navy fulltime the week after, and Nige will be based at home, getting the kids organised and keeping the house running. We are all so looking forward to the opportunities these changes bring, not least the improved family life we will have! I’ll still be stamping (it will balance out my life even more now!), and will keep up my stamp clubs.  I may even have time to post here on my blog occasionally! 🙂

So it’s a year of change, for the better. I hope 2012 holds some great things in store for you, too. xoxo

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  1. 01/01/2012 17:22

    Wow! You do have some big changes!! I hope your family has a wonderful new year and that these changes bring even more joy to your life!
    I look forward to seeing all of your 2012 creations!
    Happy New Year!

  2. 01/01/2012 17:38

    I love the Ollie tree, cute photo.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    How exciting with all the big changes.
    Have a blessed year.
    Hugs and kisses to you all.

  3. 02/01/2012 08:08

    Bron what an exciting time you all have ahead of you this year. I hope it will prove to be a happy, fulfilling time for you all and that all your dreams will come true. Go for it!!

  4. Steph permalink
    03/01/2012 07:21

    Don’t think was an easy decision for you and Nigel to make, but I imagine it’s exciting looking forward now that you’ve made it. All the best when you start in a couple of weeks time. Looking forward to hearing all your news at Stamp Club.

  5. 10/01/2012 14:26

    Hi Bron. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It’s so nice being part of a community that cares for one another. Reading your latest updates, it sounds like a year of change for you ahead. I hope your return to full time goes really well & that hubby enjoys being at home (my hubby would kill for the chance)…& of course that you still have time to share your wonderful creations. Warm wishes, Di

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